Saturday, December 18, 2010

Improved Hardware Acceleration in Fennec

On Thursday night, after the all-hands party, Matt Woodrow landed a beautiful refactoring of our texture upload code. This should give a noticeable improvement in scrolling performance when accelerated layers are enabled and hopefully fixes some of the problems people were seeing there. It also improves texture upload performance on OS X.

Unfortunately, there are still two bugs that are keeping us from enabling accelerated layers by default:
Bug 619615 - Hangs on Nexus One
Bug 619539 - Startup crashes on Droid

Any help debugging these problems would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hardware Acceleration on Fennec

It's now possible with current nightlies to use OpenGL for compositing in Fennec on Android. To turn it on, go to about:config and set "layers.accelerate-all" to "true" and restart. If it's working you can go to about:support and the Graphics section will say "1/1 OpenGL".

It would be great if people can test it and let me know how it goes.