Friday, February 18, 2011

Updated mozilla-cvs-history git repo

I recently ran git gc --agressive on the cvs history git repository mentioned here. It's now 543M, down from 986M. I've also uploaded a copy to github.


Paul Biggar said...


Not to add work for you, but any chance of integrating this with the git M-C mirror at

jag said...

Paul: as mentioned in a recent post on this blog, you can graft the mozilla-cvs-history repository into the mozilla-central one like so:

# git://..., http://..., https://...
git clone git://
git clone git://

# Tell mozilla-central about mozilla-cvs-history
echo "$PWD/mozilla-cvs-history/.git/objects" > mozilla-central/.git/objects/info/alternates

# And where to connect their histories
echo 465265d0d473d107b76e74d969199eaf2cdc8750 59462c3c9a59e296bb333fab4c848f205e7ea21f > mozilla-central/.git/info/grafts

Note that the SHAs I had to put in the grafts file differ from the ones in that post.